Major projects and works

RMIT Art Collection


One of my mayor projects working for RMIT University was the photographic reproduction of high quality digital images of the Art Collection between 1996 and 2018.

Time Lapse Photography

Watch the video snippet a very small sample of this project.

Time lapse photography of 2 major building and construction projects.

Building 80 & 100

This project spanned over a period of 32 month using solar powered time lapse camera systems taking high resolution image files every 15 minutes.

(Video snippet in progress)

Photography for RMIT Publications



A guide to the Architecture and art of  RMIT University

Photography of Art and Artifact objects from the RMIT resources collection.

360 VR Tour Packages

VR Tours for Real Easte


Offer a virtual walk through your apartments and houses that are on the market and showcase your premium property as a virtual online representation to potential buyers. 

Tours for Hospitality - Bar's - Cafe's or Restaurant's


Attract more customers. Why not post a 360° virtual tour of your establishment online? Multi media options can be added  to your tour to highlight your menu or to show photos of your special dishes as well as video clips of past events.

Tours Art Galleries and Museum


Show your exhibitions after the event and make the show available online for a global audience. 

Art lovers don't need to miss out any longer and can  explore individual works of art and learn about the artists interactively.

Historic Buildings - Hotels - Resorts and Conference Centers


Let travelers explore the interior of historic buildings and sites. 

Potential guests can visits resorts, hotels and conference centers before making their bookings.

Modern Interface Design


Our tours have responsive design that works on multiple devices and real life 360° photography experience linking directly to your webpage.

Airports - Schools - Universities Campuses - Hospitals and Visitor Centres in National Parks


View modern architecture and state of the art high tech facilities publicly or password protected and provide educational information to all your clients, patients, students, staff and visitors.


360° Virtual Tour Packages

Packages start from A$ 698.00

incl. two  360° panoramas and six hot spots.

Optional  Add Ons:

Interactive Floor Plan / Map

Additional 360° Images

Additional Hot Spots

Audio Voice - Over

Social Media Links

Video Clip Production

Tour Hosting

All VR Tours will be individually quoted.

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